Just search the phrase "gender reveal" on YouTube, Google or Pinterest, and you'll find no shortage of videos and ideas on how to creatively announce "It's a boy!' or 'It's a girl!' to the world.

When it came time to for NBC Charlotte anchor Sarah French to announce the gender of her second child, she went to extreme heights: 48 floors to be exact.

The Duke Energy building in uptown is lit up in different colors every night. Wells Fargo controls those lights. Corporate properties director Bob Bertges came up with the idea.

"People are proud when we represent their event for the building," said Bertges. "So we have a committee, and there's a form, and people fill out the form and send in their requests."

All kinds of organizations have requested the lights for various causes, but there are some things the committee won't approve.

"When Joe is going to take Betty out to dinner one night, and purple is her favorite color, no, we are not going to do that," Bertges said.

Since proposals and gender reveals are not allowed, NBC Charlotte teamed up with America's ToothFairy, a national children's oral health foundation that just so happened to have the right color.

Depending on which old wives tale you believe, Sarah could be having a girl because she's craving sweets, or she could be having a boy because she's definitely clumsier than usual.

According to the Chinese gender chart, Sarah is having a boy. It was right for her first child, but will it be right again?

In the end, when the Duke Energy building lit up Tuesday night, it was revealed Sarah is having a boy! Congratulations!