CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Love and laughter are easy to find at any wedding. Now, times that by eight.

A Charlotte bride nixed traditional flower bouquets and replaced them with something much fluffier: puppies. And while adorable, the 'puppies bouquets' are sending a powerful message.


The idea was first proposed to the bride, 30-year-old Meghan Butler, by bridesmaid Margaret Morrison who witnessed puppy bouquets at another wedding. Of course, all the bridesmaids were quick to jump on board the puppy train.

"All of the girls were so excited, we kind of built the wedding day around that," Meghan says. "We're all animal lovers so it was pure excitement. The whole day everyone was like, 'When are we going to go see the puppies? When are the puppies going to be here? What time are the puppies?'"

The idea felt like it was a match made in doggy heaven for Meghan and her now-husband, Brett, 31. Both are strong adoption advocates and have two adopted dogs and cats of their own.




But it wasn't just the Butler's that loved the idea, following their March 25 wedding the story has been covered by multiple news outlets nationwide. 

"It was the day I married my best friend but on top of that there's awareness getting put on this issue," Brett says. "We're super excited that the SPCA is getting the attention that they deserve to get the word out about adoption."

"There are just hundreds and thousands of animals that need homes and they're all so deserving," Meghan says. "There are animals that are put down, euthanized every day and they don't need to be."

Meghan hopes her puppy bouquets will motivate people to adopt. Whether you want a purebred or brand new puppy, Meghan says there are plenty of options in animal shelters and rescue facilities. 

"I would like to stop the puppy mill and breeding animals just for the sake of selling them," Meghan says.

Each of the eight puppies featured at the Butler's wedding was up for adoption and as the story gained attention, the puppies quickly found homes. Meghan and Brett continue to advocate for adoption as people still contact them about adopting one of their puppy bouquets.

"We've encouraged people who've reached out interested in adopting one of the puppies, we're like, 'Don't give up! There's plenty of animals... we just didn't have enough bridesmaids!"