CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte couple who tragically lost their two kids in a car accident just welcomed twins Monday.

The family welcomed twins Isaiah Dobbs and Amos Reed.

The twins' middle names honor their older brothers who lost their lives in a car accident on their way home to Charlotte from a family wedding at the beach.

The Charlotte couple spoke out back in February about their loss.

Two-year-old Dobbs was killed and Hadley, who was 38 weeks pregnant at the time, gave birth to Reed after the accident. Sadly, Reed passed away a few days later.

Eddings family
Eddings family

“We believe there is a lot of hope in our story and it reminds us God is a restorer,” says Gentry Eddings.

Hope – because the couple recently announced they are now pregnant, with twins, and due this summer.

Hadley says, “I had missed being a mom from day one but around this summer I thought, we're getting to that point where it ok for me to be pregnant and I want to have more babies. And I don't want to continue to live this life without being a mom again.”

But she says she had to come to terms with exactly what it means to have more kids.

“It’s not betraying my children who are no longer here to have more children and that was the things we had to work through before we decided to try again.”

Gentry, a pastor at Forest Hill Church, also wants people to understand the power of forgiveness.

“Be willing to forgive others – that's been an important part of our healing is just to be able to forgive the driver that caused the accident.”