CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Dr. Ted Frank always goes the extra mile for his patients. But he’s getting ready to go a few extra miles.

“It was a nice way to marry my love of exercise, how much I care for my patients and how inspired I am by my patients," Dr. Frank said.

Dr. Frank, who is in charge of heart transplants at CMC with Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute, is planning to run five marathons in five days next week – all to raise money for his patients and awareness about being heart healthy.

“I, of course, promote exercise to my patients and want everybody to have a healthy lifestyle," he said. "Although, I wouldn’t say this is particularly in keeping with that.”

He plans to slow down around mile 17 each day, he’s invited his patients to join him for that.

“I’ll walk with my patients for a little less than a mile and get added inspiration and then go off on my way,” Dr. Frank said.

Dr. Frank performed a transplant on Wayne Sykes three years ago. Sykes said he is proud of his doctor and will be supporting him every step of the way.

“The reason he’s doing it is to make people aware," Sykes said. "That is a noble thing.”

Even the doctor admits he’s not 100 percent confident he’ll make it.

“Day five will probably be a survival test at that point," he said. "Can’t guarantee I’ll achieve it. It’s the unknown, like cliff diving.”

No matter what happens, his patient will be there.

“I’m gonna be there every day,” Sykes said.

Because he’s been there for them.

If you want to keep track of their progress or help with the cause check out the event website, which also has links to the Facebook page, Twitter account and Ted's starring role on Youtube.