CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- For children battling cancer, bright moments can sometimes be few and far between.

A local nonprofit called Flashes of Hope is on a mission to give those kids and their families memories they’ll never forget.

The group of volunteer photographers, makeup and hair artists, visit children's hospitals and offer free photo shoots, primarily for families with terminal children.

“We looked at it like, we owed it to ourselves to participate in a free photo shoot let's just do it," said Jacqueline Currie.

Her son, 9-year-old Karon, has done several shoots with Flashes of Hope.

“He was born with short bowel syndrome," Currie explained. "We were told in the NICU that he might not eat, he might not ever eat. He was in a coma a few years ago and had to learn to walk and talk again at four years old.”

Hundreds of other children have had their own photo shoots. Their own stories told, and preserved, in a photo.

“When I'm disappointed by people and things I always turn it around to, how dare I?" Currie said. "When my child has had his life turned upside down many times.”

Not every story has a happy ending. But in every darkness there are flashes of hope.

“We believe in miracles," Currie said. "We believe God has the strength to bring us out and bring us through.”

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