EDGEMOOR, SOUTH CAROLINA -- What do most teenage girls want for their sweet 16? A car? Instagram followers?? Not Shelby Self.

Shelby is a recently turned 16 year old with down syndrome. The homecoming queen is beloved in her South Carolina community for her spunk and giant personality. So, it came as no surprise when Shelby voiced what she wanted for her sweet 16.

"I want smoking hot cops and smoking hot firefighters," Shelby told her mother's friend.

"We thought since she can't drive and have the same milestones as other 16 year olds, we would throw a big birthday bash," Shelby's mother Sherry said. "Anyone that knew Shelby was invited."

Sherry invited over 200 people to the birthday party. But little did she know, some of her good friends were pulling a fairy godmother-like move and spreading the invite to local authorities.

On the day of Shelby's birthday party, firefighters and officers from Tega Cay, York and Chester County made her sweet 16 that much sweeter.

"I just thought a couple would come," Sherry said. "Then Shelby was told to go outside and here comes a fleet of police cars and firetrucks."

In total, there were 10 marked police cars, two firetrucks, a couple unmarked detective cars and a K9 officer.

"It was priceless, more than I could have ever dreamed," Sherry said. "The photographer tried to move [Shelby's] hair for the photos as [the officers] arrived and she was like, 'No. I'm looking.'"

One of the firefighters that attended was Richburg Fire Assistant Chief T Melton who had heard of Shelby, but never met her and was happily surprised when Sherry's friend contacted him.

"It's one of those things you can't not got to," Melton said."She just light up. It was the biggest smile I'd ever seen, she had to hug every single one of us before we moved."

Sherry said she was completely humbled that so many officers and firefighters would take the time to make her daughter's birthday extra special.

"You always here negative stuff about police officers but for them to put aside their time to make a little girl happy, it was so amazing," Sherry said. "They hung out for probably an hour and signed her memory book, took tons of pictures with her."