CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Forget itsy bitsy spider! A Charlotte music teacher is offering a class for mini punk rockers, aptly titled "Baby Punk."

Former rocker turned music teacher, who goes by her stage name of Krystle Baller, highlights a different band’s music each week for her classroom of kids from newborns to 6-year-olds. Featured bands have been Nirvana, Bob Marley, White Stripes, Weezer, Black Sabbath, Sublime, and more.

“I’m doing music that you might think a kid shouldn't listen to,” Baller said. “But that’s why I’m playing a kazoo… there’s no suggestive lyrics and we’re introducing rock band instruments.”

Baller came up with the idea of Baby Punk after she tried to teach traditional music classes.

“I wasn’t good at it,” Baller said. “The songs were annoying and I didn’t have fun learning them.. the parents weren’t as engaged, I wasn’t as engaged.”

So Baller decided to switch it up and began teaching classes aimed at music she enjoyed, therefore enticing like-minded parents.

“I want to attract people to my space that I vibe with,” Baller said. “If you come here and you’re going to a class that’s ‘Baby Punk,’ then we’re probably going to get along.”

Baller’s music class encourages parents to participate with their kids in “punk” activities like crowd surfing (parents holding their kids over the “crowd”), mosh pits (everyone jumps around), and even tattoos (don’t worry, they’re temporary). While the activities teach the young rockers about music, they also convey a type of lifestyle affiliated with music.“It’s okay to be themselves because you can be loud. There’s no sit still, pay attention, it’s not that kind of classroom. I’m encouraging them to be free,” Baller said. “To be themselves. There’s no normal… being weird is normal. It’s okay to have fun and let your freak flag fly.”

Baller brings these beliefs to all aspects of her business, Pachyderm Music Lab, where she offers music classes and lessons to both children and adults. She also serves as the Music Director of Girls Rock Charlotte, a camp that empowers girls through music education.Through all of her musical endeavors, Baller is definitely showing the Queen City that you can never be too young to rock.