BLOWING ROCK, N.C. -- The Blue Ridge Mountains are known for their views, especially during the fall. But did you know you can also zip line through the tops of those trees?

Drive deep into the woods of Blowing Rock and you’ll see views from a whole different perspective.

Sky Valley Zip Tours is giving you a taste of the Blue Ridge Mountains, from a zip line cable. It has 10 zip lines, a cliff jump, and a 120-foot cable bridge that goes across a 35-foot cascading waterfall. Jack Sharp and his team opened it six years ago. Since then, they’ve been giving an adrenaline rush of a ride through some of the area’s most beautiful views.

Not a fan of heights or adrenaline? This might change your mind.

“When they come off the last tour, the last line, they got this big smile on their face,” Sharp said. “They’re hugging somebody that they didn’t know that was on the tour with them, and so you see them transform a little bit from a skeptic to a believer.”

While the canopy tour is for thrill seekers 10 and older, there’s also a kids area for 4 and up. No matter the age, there’s something for everyone.