SAN JUAN, NM -- A Sheriff's Office in New Mexico is investigating a holiday horror after an employee's family awoke to a "gruesome scene" of a slain elf on the shelf.

Shane Ferrari, a candidate running for Sheriff of San Juan, took to his Facebook page to post the breaking news.

"Suspect in custody," Ferrari posted along with a makeshift mugshot of Josie, the Ferrari family's beloved dog who also was nicknamed "The Mutt" in the developing case.

Ferrari used proper law enforcement manner in his post to describe the scene...

"On December 3, 2017 at approx. 0800 hours residents of the Ferrari household awoke to a gruesome scene," Ferrari wrote. "Beloved elf, Holly Christmas was found slain in the family room."

Ferrari said the evidence found quickly pointed the leading suspect in the investigation to Josie as the elf's body was found near the doggie door, "a known hangout of Josie's."

"Upon questioning, Josie fled law enforcement and a foot chase ensued. Josie was apprehended after a minor struggle and is being charged with murder, tampering with evidence and fleeing."

Ferrari said his post reached 375,000 people within 24 hours of posting. As it has been shared nearly 30,000 times, Ferrari said he would continue to update the public on the investigation leading to the trial.

Since then, he posted a photo of Josie's "walk of shame" as elf protesters were propped up in protest. If you would like to continue to follow the investigation, you can follow Ferrari's Facebook page here.