CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A pit bull who police say was being used as a bait dog for dog-fighting is making major progress in his recovery.

Found on the side of the road in a field, Rambo was fighting for his life and spent the last month-and-a-half at the hospital.

For the most part, Rambo is living the good life these days-- but that wasn't always the case.

"He lost both his back feet due to the tourniquet effect and loss of blood supply," said Dr. Laura Dvorak.

Dvorak had to amputate Rambo's feet after he'd endured abuse that they believe was the result of dog-fighting.

"Multiple bite wounds all over his body, kind of a tourniquet effect on both back legs," Dvorak said. "Partially covered with a garbage bag and basically left to die in this field."

But six weeks later, he's back on his "two" feet, in a wheel chair to help him get around like a normal dog.

"We can change the height where we can allow him to be a little shorter than he is right now and actually use his feet or his stumps," Dvorak said.

Dvorak says they're still working on getting skin and pad material grafted for the bottom of his stubs so he can walk around without the chair.

"He just got in his [wheelchair] yesterday, so he's still getting used to it," Dvorak said. "But they typically pick up on it pretty quick."

Finally out of the hospital and heading home, his new owner is grateful that Rambo's even alive.

"I think everybody's appreciated the outreach of support from the community," Dvorak said.

Rambo will be back next week in the hospital for additional surgery as he continues his recovery.