Myrtle Beach, S.C.-- By now you probably think you've seen some of the most creative, outlandish and emotional gender reveals of all time--nope.

A New Jersey couple went to a South Carolina beach for their gender reveal and it wasn't about the sand or water. It was about the SkyWheel at Myrtle Beach.

Matt Ostergaard promised his fiance Andrianna Zbik that he would 'light up the sky' when they decided to reveal the gender of their future child. She didn't know much about what he was planning, but he kept is promise in a big way!

Ostergaard said he wanted it to be special because the couple was pregnant with twins and lost one of the babies in the early stage of the pregnancy.

Because they live in New Jersey, Ostergaard first tried the Empire State Building and they they said no, they don't do light displays for private events.

Not one to give up and having beach house at Myrtle Beach, Ostergaard reached out to managers of the SkyWheel and they said yes. The scene was set. He next contacted Kelly Marie Photography to take the photos and it was on from there.

Ostergaard said his mother was there and he had given her a black and white photo as a teaser. Wednesday, the SkyWheel operators started the reveal at sunset illuminating the lights until it was all pink.

Congratulations to the couple.

Ostergaard said their baby is due Christmas Eve.