With a long boarding process, little leg room and expensive tickets it seems like there's a lot to complain about when flying these days.

But one man's sweet gesture in honor of his father spread love on a North Carolina bound flight, two bucks at a time.

The short flight was from Nashville to the Raleigh-Durham airport Sunday. Towards the end of the flight, a man got up from his seat and took over the intercom.

"Honestly, with everything crazy going on in the world I think everyone was a little on edge at first," passenger Natalie Gunderson recalled. "But the flight attendants seemed okay."

The man began telling the story of how his father gave him a two dollar bill when he was a 16.

"His dad told him as long as he kept it, he'd never be broke," Gunderson said.

Due to turbulence, the man was forced to sit down and wasn't able to finish his story. However, the message of his story was clear when he began to walk down the aisle passing out two dollar bills to every passenger on the nearly full flight.

"It didn't matter our race, sex, religion, etc., we all were just together passing around two dollar bills until each and every person got one," Gunderson said. "The awesome part was everyone just took one, and everyone was looking out for everyone around them, making sure we all got one."

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Gunderson)

Gunderson said the man just wanted to spread the love, which the flight was filled with as it landed. One of the flight attendants snapped a picture of everyone holding up their two dollars.

For some passengers, the two dollars serves as a reminder of the good in the world.

"My two dollars lives in my wallet now, so I'll never be broke," Gunderson said.