CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- National Park Service officials expect thousands of visitors this weekend in the Tar Heel State to leaf peep, but along with looking at leaves, you have to watch out for the snakes that look identical to the fall foliage.

Copperheads have been impossible to avoid. NBC Charlotte has reported on several bites over the last few weeks and the snakes are nearly impossible to see!

"We do see a rise of snakes at this time, right before it gets freezing," said Felipe Griffith, an expert with A-1 Wildlife Control.

Copperheads have slithered past the pavement and onto social media, one person posted this photo on NBC Charlotte's Facebook page.

"Leaves give copperheads a very good cover, also pine straw," Griffith said.

Depending on popularity, the pumpkin patch could be a prime hiding place for the venomous snake.

“You could see snakes anywhere, we just ask that you stay on the path," said Constance Forsythe with Hall Family Farm, who added she hasn't seen a snake at the popular pumpkin patch.

“I think just the number of people keeps the snakes & other animals away," Forsythe said.

Griffith says to stay alert for snakes in the warmer weather but once the temperature consistently drops below 50 degrees, the snake sightings will stop.