STATESVILLE, N.C. -- A pitbull that has garnered himself the nickname of "pig-bull" for his eerily similar appearance to that of a pig is in search of his forever home.

"He's my special project," said pitbull advocate and volunteer Jennifer Bradford. "I met him and just fell in love with him, he's so sweet."

(Photo: Jennifer Bradford)
(Photo: Jennifer Bradford)

"Pig-bull," formally known as Casper, is up for adoption through Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks rescue. While he's known for his energetic nature and sweet heart, the two-year-old pitbull has had a hard time getting adopted due to his breed, size and special needs, for Casper is deaf.

"He was born deaf," Bradford said. "He knows his hand commands."

(Photo: Jennifer Bradford)

Casper was owner-surrendered and has been up for adoption for over a year. He's currently being boarded at a facility in Statesville.

"Since he can't hear the other dogs barking, he's not as stressed by kennel life as other dogs might be," Bradford said. "He spends many of his days with a chew toy and blankie [sic] hanging out with the kennel staff in the office."

Bradford travels north to pay him visits and take him for walks. On her last visit with Casper, Bradford posted a couple photos of her buddy on a Facebook group.

"Is it a pig? Is it a dog? It's Casper the pig-bull!" Bradford wrote in her post.

Bradford said she posts pictures of adoptable dogs on the group's page constantly, but this one was different.

"The post got more likes than any post I've ever done has," Bradford said.

While folks seem to love pig-bull, he remains up for adoption. Bradford said she hopes he finds a home with lots and lots of love. To apply to adopt or foster pig-bull/Casper, click here.