CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to stand in the footprints of a T-Rex, or to walk alongside a Brontosaurus? Well, now you can at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia.

Dino Safari is the newest exhibit, and will be around for the next year. It’s full of both life size and scaled down versions of dinosaurs, from all eras.

From the Stegosaurus, to the Triceratops, and even the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tony Pasour is the Head of Interpretation and hopes visitors will learn something new.

“We want to have people learn about what the dinosaurs were like, based on the science of paleontology. What we know that we’ve learned from the rocks over many many years," Pasour said.

This Saturday visitors can explore with a tour guide, mine for gemstones and talk to paleontogists at the Dino Safari Expedition event. Even better, on Tuesday attendees can get into the museum for free from 4-8pm.