ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- An airport employee is brightening up the holiday travel grind with some seriously impressive moves.

Musician Terry McBride uploaded a video to social media of the employee on a flight departing New York for Nashville. From the caption, it appears this wasn't McBride's first time witnessing the "Tarmac Dancer's" moves.

"Here we go again," McBride captioned the video. "Leaving New York this morning on my way back to Nashville and the Tarmac Dancer is back at it."

The video shows a tarmac worker escorting the plane along with the typical orange safety sticks. What isn't typical is the dance moves he uses, waving around the sticks.

It seemed travelers got a kick out of the now-dubbed Tarmac Dancer as giggles are heard in the background of the video.

According to the Washington Post, the dancing worker was identified as Kyran Ashford, who works for JetStream Ground Services at the Greater Rochester International Airport.

"If I can just make somebody, at least one person, smile and turn their day around, then I am good," he told the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

Well done Kyran, you certainly are bringing cheer to both those traveling the skies and stationary as the video has gained over 3.5 million views since being posted.