CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte veteran got the gift of a lifetime Thursday when country artists Florida-Georgia Line stopped by.

"We're super thankful for your sacrifice, your service," said Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard. "It allows all of us to do what we do, it's a blessing."

Before the country music duo's concert in Charlotte Thursday they teamed up with the Independence Fund to give Sergeant David Tupper an all terrain wheelchair.

The chair is heavy duty with tank like treads and new features.

Tupper who served in the U.S. Marines was injured by a rocket propelled grenade while on tour in Afghanistan.

"Life's pretty fragile," Tupper said. "Knowing a lot of buddies that are no longer here, I think they'd keep pushing if they had the chance so I keep pushing for them otherwise I'd be doing them an injustice."

Sergeant Tupper said he will use his new wheelchair to go hunting, fishing and to take his three young children to the beach.