MONROE, N.C. - They aren't your typical family.

Rita, David, Chuckie, Michelle, Rick and Olivia all live under the same roof in Monroe.

"Twenty-five years, they've been living in the same home," said Kathy Reid, their residential supervisor.

All six of them are unique. Take Olivia, who is completely blind but her vision is seemingly limitless when she touches the piano.

"What's next?" she asks her housemates as she plays church hymns and Christmas songs.

"They tell her what they like to hear and they clap for her and cheer her on," Reid said. "They're a great team."

Reid works for Monarch, a statewide, non-profit organization that supports thousands of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness and disorders.

This group of housemates is unique in their love for each other, kind of like Olivia's love for music.

"Olivia has grown, the rest of them have grown. We're trying to have them enjoy the normal rhythm of the day," said Jim Kelley, the chief operating officer at Monarch.

The programs offered by Monarch have been monumental in helping the housemates adapt to society just as Olivia's music has been instrumental in creating smiles.