Here’s a message to anyone who just might be wanted by police: don’t ask the cops for a set of eclipse glasses.

On August 8, three shots were fired into the Blair Creek apartment complex in Conyers. The apartment manager told police she saw three men in a red, 4-door passenger car who were doing the shooting. Police believe the incident stemmed from a possible argument over drugs.

Then, this past Monday, Sgt. Kim Lucas along with hundreds of people gathered on the Conyers town square to watch the eclipse. Lucas happened to see a similar car as described in the incident report, a maroon Chevy Impala.

Police had also identified several persons of interest in the case, seemingly unknown to the suspects.

During Monday’s eclipse, Conyers police said Devonta Glivens approached an officer and asked if they had any eclipse glasses. Officers recognized Glivens and the car from a police bulletin, and promptly arrested him and Braindon Cayo, who was also in the car.

Inside the car, police said they found the gun used in the Aug. 8 shooting, along with some marijuana.

“Apparently they thought it’s been a couple of weeks later, and I’m sure they thought we’d just forgotten about it, and we weren’t actively looking for them," Lucas said. "Which we were. And they just came right to us.”

What baffles police even more is that Glivens, who’s on probation for a marijuana conviction, had just left his probation officer, next door to the police station. The probation officer was calling police as Glivens was asking them for some eclipse glasses.

The next day, Devonta's brother, Tyrese, who police also believe was in the car during the shooting, was arrested.

Police believe Devonta Glivens was the shooter, and he is facing charges of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime; reckless conduct; and drug charges. His brother Tyrese is charged with reckless conduct.