1. Rainy weekend: Remnants of Harvey to bring showers to Charlotte area

As Tropical Storm Harvey's remnants are expected to bring rain into the Charlotte area, there is concern whether the storm system will impact the front end of our holiday weekend plans.

Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich said flooding is expected to be the biggest concern for Thursday and Friday.

"The bigger story might be the flash-flood prep," Panovich said. "Two to three inches of rain could fall [Thursday] as all the moisture from the system streams north." Click here to read full forecast from Panovich.

2. New app in N.C. allows minors to order birth control online

Women and girls as young as 13 years old can now get birth control online in North Carolina, without going to the doctor or requiring parental consent.

The birth control delivery app, Nurx, was recently launched in our state and is already causing controversy.

“We just have so much evidence that young people are having sex whether we want them to or not,” said Dr. Jessica Knox, medical director for Nurx.

“We have younger patients who haven't been able to access birth control otherwise because their parents aren't comfortable talking about birth control with them," Dr. Knox said. "So they won't take them to the doctor’s office.”

It doesn’t cost anything to use, you just answer a few medical questions inside the app. How is it reviewed by medical professionals? Click here to find out.

3. Panthers close out preseason vs. Pittsburgh. What should you be watching for?

Thursday night’s preseason finale against Pittsburgh is the final chance for many Carolina Panthers hopefuls to make the team’s roster this season.

By 4 p.m. Saturday, interim general manager Marty Hurney and head coach Ron Rivera will have made their final decisions, trimming the roster from 90 active players in the preseason to the final 53-man group that will comprise of this year’s team.

So what can fans expect from Thursday’s game? For one, don’t look for star players, such as Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, and Greg Olsen. Panthers radio analyst and Charlotte Today host Eugene Robinson says it’s simply not worth the risk. Click here to continue reading.

4. Women's senior basketball team proves age is just a number

The sound of basketballs dribbling, the echoes of athletic banter and feet pounding the court fill the gymnasium.

But when you open the doors to the Highland Recreation Center's basketball court, it isn't the typical image of a basketball team not only taking, but making shots.

Salt and pepper hair, a couple of knee braces and some pretty sweet headbands are a blur of motion in the multiple games of three on three. These are the ladies of the "Red Foxes," a senior basketball team exclusively for players over the age of 50 that compete in the Unifour Senior Games. And perhaps the biggest takeaway of all is that they're pretty darn good.

These women, ranging between the ages of 50 to 82, are proving that age is just a number, dunking and dribbling their way to a sisterhood in the process. Click here to watch them play.

5. N.C. to deploy five swift water rescue teams to Texas for Harvey relief

More than 30,000 people are cramming into packed shelters, waiting for the high waters to recede.

North Carolina is sending five swift water rescue teams to Texas Thursday morning. NC Hart, the state’s specialized helicopter rescue team, saved lives through the air on Wednesday.

In Charlotte, the American Red Cross is preparing for the possibility of evacuees.

“If Charlotte is a place where evacuees choose to come, we’ll be ready to shelter them,” said American Red Cross Western North Carolina Regional CEO Angela Broome Powley. Click here to learn more.