As new and disturbing details emerge about how two children in Southwest Atlanta died, the community is coming together to lay them to rest.

The details about what happened to 1-year-old son Ja’Karter Penn and 2-year-old Ke-Yaunte Penn can be read here. But, be warned that they are both graphic and tragic.

The brothers died Friday night and their mom, Lamora Williams, is charged with their murders. Their brother, 3-year-old Jameel Penn Jr., was also found. He was unharmed.

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Funeral arrangements are being made for Ja'Karter and Ke-Yaunte and will be carried out free of charge. Willie Watkins Funeral Home and South View Cemetery are donating their services to give these baby boys a proper burial.

Willie Watkins said he offered to help free of charge because "God spoke to me and told me that’s what I needed to do.”

The horrific scene played out in his neighborhood, essentially in the funeral home's backyard.

“I thought it would be right for me since it’s in the community…it’s in the community that we service.”

Watkins took it a step further and reached out to the historic South View cemetery to ask for help. Winnie Hemphill agreed to give the children a place to rest.

“It just tugged to my heart,” she said.

“We’ve been here for 131 years and we’ve always helped the community and contributed.”

Hemphill said she could relate to the mother because she had children back-to-back, three within four years.

“I can image the stress she was under,” she said.

South View cemetery was founded by former slaves in the 1800s to be a place where anyone could have a dignified burial.

Hemphill said "we do what we can when."

The two institutions are among many people wrapping their arms around the surviving brother and the father of the children who were killed. Hemphill said the family is going to need sustained counseling and said she thinks that's something the fundraising can help with since the funeral costs are covered.

Watkins said he spoke to Jameel Jr. and gave him advice on how to process everything since Watkins said "he saw everything."

He told Jameel that when someone asks him where his brothers are to tell them they're in a better place.

He said tell them, "they’re in heaven and I’ll see him one day again.”

The funeral for Ja'Karter and Ke-Yaunte will be Saturday Oct. 21 at the West Hunter Street Baptist Church at 11:00 a.m. It is open to the public.

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