A toddler was spotted wandering a congested Marietta street during rush hour traffic Monday morning.

He was found near the intersection of Ancient Oak Road and Lower Roswell Road, about a block away from his home on Cross Gate Drive.

Family members said the little boy is only 3-years old, and that this is not the first time he has wandered off.

The four concerned parents who found the boy said they're grateful they found him when they did.

"Typically, I don't drive up that road," said Jeanne Cordrum. "I usually go 400, but traffic was backed up."

She said that's when she found the little boy walking all alone.

"But he was walking down the ledge holding his ears," said Janelle Lamberson.

Corcrum, Lamberson and two other drivers were alarmed by what they saw and pulled over. They said a strong stench of urine filled the air.

"I said, 'Are you okay?'," said Gavin Johnson. "'You lost? Where are your parents?'"

"He said Daddy was asleep and he had no mommy," said Cordrum."

When they asked where he lived, he kept pointing back -- toward a house on Cross Gate Drive, about a half-mile from where the toddler was first spotted.

When 11Alive News knocked on the door, Theresa Portwood, the 3-year-old's distraught grandmother eventually spoke to our Deborah Tuff off camera. She said her grandson and his two siblings were just taken by the Department of Family and Children Services.

She said her son -- the boy's father -- works hard for his kids, and he thought the little boy was with her.

She also confirmed that the boy had wandered off last Thursday. For the drivers who found him, they say that's not good enough.

"He instantly wanted to come with me. He grabbed onto me and held onto me and said 'I want to go with you,'" Cordrum said. "And I think 40-45 minutes is when the dad showed up. So, if he truly escaped within 10 minutes, someone would be looking for that child."

"His dad definitely seems worried, as any parent would be, but it definitely didn't seem like the right situation for the child," Johnson said. "Anybody could've stopped and grabbed the kid and you never know who's out there nowadays."

The grandmother says she's going to fight to get her grandkids out of DFCS custody.

Another relative called 11Alive News after hearing about what happened. She says the children are better off in the state's care.

The good Samaritans say they hope the child gets the love he deserves.