CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The city of Charlotte has acknowledged recently it is in an affordable housing crisis and estimated the need for an additional 34,000 units.

In response, Habitat for Humanity is now repairing more homes than building new. This year, Habitat said it will build 52 new homes and repair 78 older, owner-occupied homes.

"Well, it's been difficult," said Francis Mungro, homeowner on Columbus Circle just outside of uptown. "When your kitchen is out of order, it's not easy."

A group of Habitat builders are now replacing the kitchen floor, fixing a leaking roof, installing a shower and repairing faulty wiring.

"It's really rewarding," said Chris Tri, the Critical Repair Group leader with Habitat. "And they'll be able to stay in there for much longer and hopefully restore it to the glory it once had."

Francis has been married to Harvey Mungro for 54 years. Their five children and their families used to gather inside their home most holidays, until the home fell into disrepair. Harvey suffered two strokes and is unable to do the work himself.

"I'm so grateful to Habitat," said Francis. "I think they're wonderful."

The repairs will take another couple of weeks, Habitat said, but plans are already underway for a family celebration once the work is finished. To learn more about the program, or how to get involved, click here.