Harry Potter fans can now attend an adults-only, three-day witchcraft and wizardry school inspired by the book series.

The Worthwich Wizarding Weekend is a magical retreat for adults age 21 and older on October 27-29, according to an event posting. The school hosts separate events for younger witches and wizards.

First-year students will be sorted into their houses upon arrival to the school. Then, students will have a wand-making class when they first arrive at Worthwich school. The students keep the wand to be used throughout the weekend.

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The courses student will take include potions, charms, defensive magic, divinations, astronomy, magical creatures and broom flying lessons.

Each house will have daily practice in magical sports. Houses will compete against one another in evening tournaments.

The camp is at Parrie Haynes Ranch, which is located one hour from Austin and 2.5 hours from San Antonio.

The cost of the camp is $400 for the three-day weekend.

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