STATESVILLE, N.C. — A Statesville family is grieving after a man's life was taken by Tropical Storm Michael this week.

Brian Cooper, 38, died when a tree fell on his car. Cooper's widow, Ashley, spoke to NBC Charlotte about her late husband.

“I was lucky to find someone, 'cause we clicked from the first moment that we met from our first date.”

Ashley said the pair went home after that first date and told friends they met the person they would marry.

“And we did," Ashley said.

Brian's widow said anyone who never met their soulmate missed out on something special.

“If he said he was going to talk to someone 'cause they were feeling bad, he’d talk to them," said Ashley.

The accident happened Thursday on Mocksville Highway at Songbird Lane in Chambersburg.

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“God never said that that things wouldn’t happen to good people. He said that he would be here when the bad things happen," Ashley said.

Brian was just a few miles from his house.

“He was a good man, he really was. He loved his family," said Ashley.

Ashley said Brian never met a stranger, and their lives together were full of love, laughter and many times, goofy smiles.

“All our memories and the time that we were together, were good ones," Ashley said.

brian cooper_1539382455015.PNG.jpg
Ashley and Brian Cooper

Brian and Ashley had two sons: 15-year-old Travis and seven-month-old Wade.

“He always made sure we were happy," said Ashley. “Those two boys were his world.”

“I could always talk to him; it didn’t matter what it was," said Travis.

The three will now rely on each other as well as family and friends to pull through, with the spirit of a pretty special man... now each of their guardian angel.

“I know he’s looking down on me from above.”

According to a Facebook post from Broad Street United Methodist Church, there will be a Celebration of Life service for Brian on October 18 at 3 p.m. at the sanctuary.

"Brian and Ashley served communion just this past Sunday. Brian wore his Scottish Kilt for our World Communion Celebration," another Facebook post read. "Thanking God for Brian's life, for God's everlasting love and the gift of Christ that builds a bridge for us between this life and the next."

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