A breakthrough in mental health treatment is now being offered in Charlotte.

Ketamine was introduced in the 1960s as an anesthesia medicine but doctors recently discovered it successfully treats people suffering from severe depression.

“I was homebound for a long time, I did not leave the house,” said  Megan Sherill, A Charlotte woman who suffers from severe depression.

“It tells you that you will be better off by not being here. There’s been numerous times when I felt that and almost acted on it,” said Sherill. 

After dozens of failed attempts at successful treatments, for the first time at the age of 40, Megan feels alive.

“I’m getting out, doing more things socially where I wasn’t before.”

She credits her new life to a medicine called ketamine, a drug originally used for anesthesia. Now, one of the biggest breakthroughs in treating severe depression, administered by doctors through an IV or nose spray.

“Ketamine in very low doses, meaning doses that don’t cause anesthesia to reduce symptoms up to 70 to 80 percent,” said Dr. Lakisha Legree.

Dr. Legree is the founder and owner of Elev8 MD.

She opened her practice after working at a hospital for more than a decade, the long hours taking a toll on her to the point where depression took over her life and those closest to her.

“I just want to start the conversation and say hey I’m Dr. Legree and I suffer form depression and so did a colleague of mine and its ok to get help,” said Dr. Legree. 

Dr. Legree’s passion now is informing and saving lives through ketamine treatments, giving her patients a dose of hope.

“Ketamine saved my life, it really did,” said Sherill. 


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