CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Get out the bug spray. It’s mosquito season, and here in Charlotte, it’s not just bad. It’s among the worst in the country for mosquitoes.

Each year, Orkin ranks the Top 50 cities in the country for worst mosquito problems. Charlotte is No. 9 on that list.

“Mosquitoes carry a lot of different viruses that are both harmful to humans and pets,” said Brian Gore, Co-Owner of Mosquito Hunters Charlotte.

This, often times, makes it hard to enjoy time outside. Mosquito Hunters of Charlotte works to attack the bugs one by one by spraying all summer long to prevent the spread. They say one female mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs, and they’re not just living in your yard. They’re after your plants, too.

Experts recommend picking up any toys or items that could collect water. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Even something as small as one bottle cap of water can breed hundreds. Cleaning your gutters often can also help.

But can the chemicals in the spray be bad news for kids and pets?

“It’s kid-friendly, pet-friendly,” Gore said. “Most products you have under your sink or in your garage are going to be more toxic than our product.”

He even says spraying can help your furry friend, as mosquitoes are a leading cause of heartworm in dogs and cats, an expensive and possibly deadly disease in animals.

And while spraying is the quickest way to combat mosquitoes, you can also help by wearing lighter colored clothes, spraying yourself with DEET, even putting down your beer. Mosquitoes find their targets by sensing heat, and as you drink, your body temperature rises, making you more likely to get bitten.