CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The stars were shining brightly in Hollywood at the 75th annual Golden Globes.

They seem to have the secret to stop time and in some cases turn back the clock altogether.

Whether it's good genes or good docs or a combination of the two, Charlotte area plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Capizzi has some good news for those looking to get that star look.

"Folks at home can get that same appearance because we have the same products. This is not something only available in Beverly Hills,"Dr. Capizzi said.

The double-board certified surgeon offers a new treatment in his Dilworth office to lift, contour and tighten skin on both the face and body.

The one-time procedure called "Profound" boasts a 100 percent response rate.

Profound is done with a handheld device using radio frequency to heat the skin while tiny needles intentionally traumatize problem areas to trigger collagen production.

"That gives you more fullness, tighter skin, better youthfulness to your skin, better texture to your skin," Capizzi said. The star treatment costs $4,750.

What's smooth skin without sculpted cheekbones?

They're practically a prerequisite for stardom and they don't always come naturally.

"Especially for the chiseled look, there are multiple fillers out there," Capizzi said.

To get that look, a hyaluronic acid filler is injected in precise areas of the cheek to add volume.

The procedure starts at $750 in Dr. Capizzi's office.

At Charlotte Plastic Surgery just outside of uptown, Registered Nurse Allison Hogge introduces us to a new kind of laser called Halo.

The dual action handheld device promises dramatic results with little downtime.

"We totally believe that the stars will be doing the halo to help improve fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun damage as well as pore size," Hogge said.

One Halo session at Charlotte Plastic Surgery starts at $1500.