YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- York County Health Officials reported a confirmed case of West Nile virus Friday.

Residents near Sutton Road and Mills Lane are encouraged to eliminate areas of standing water, use insect repellant, keep skin covered, and keep windows and doors closed.

"I am shocked. I mean that's horrible," said Allanah Morgan, resident and mother. "I do still have bug spray-- I use a more natural-based product."

York County says, from the roadway, Gregory Pest Solutions will use a truck mounted sprayer in the 1-mile radius surrounding the intersection at north Sutton Road and Mills Lane in the Baxter area of Fort Mill starting about 8 p.m. on Sunday night, October 22.

The county plans to continue until early morning. The time frame could change depending on the weather forecast. The company will use a product, called Aqua-reslin. This product must be sprayed ahead of any forecast of rain.

Officials say this is being applied in an ultra low volume manner, meaning only an ounce of product is sprayed over an entire acre. While the material is not harmful to people, pets, other insects, and gardens, direct contact of the spray is not recommended.

To learn more about protecting your family from mosquitos, visit the SCDHEC website at www.scdhec.gov.

For any questions on the mosquito control spraying effort, please call York County Office of Emergency Management 803-326-2300.