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People with this blood type are less likely to get coronavirus, study finds

A recent study found that people with Type O blood are less likely to get COVID-19, while those with Type A blood are more vulnerable to serious cases.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new study suggests that a person's blood type might affect the severity of COVID-19, or novel coronavirus. 

New research done on thousands of COVID-19 patients found that people with Type O blood are less likely to experience severe cases. Meanwhile, patients with Type A blood were more vulnerable to coronavirus.

So, why exactly do our genetics play into this? Researchers warn that even though it appears they've found a link, they don't know the cause yet. There is speculation that a person's blood type may affect blood clots, which are a life-threatening symptom of coronavirus, or possibly a patient's immune system response. 

Scientists also pointed out that even if a person has Type O blood, they're not in the clear when it comes to COVID-19. While their findings are statistically significant, it doesn't mean there aren't people with Type O blood who have experienced severe coronavirus symptoms. The research is, however, a new piece of the puzzle as researchers learn more about coronavirus and how to fight it. 

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