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SC nurse excited to get COVID-19 vaccine: Besides patients, 'I have not touched another human being in nine months'

A local nurse in South Carolina said she can’t wait to get the vaccine because for nine months she’s lived in a car, a tent, and trailer to keep her family safe.

SOUTH CAROLINA, USA — Hospital workers who treat COVID-19 patients will be the first to have access to the vaccines.

A local nurse in South Carolina said she can’t wait to get the vaccine because for nine months she’s lived in a car, a tent and a trailer to keep her family safe.

In an exclusive interview, WCNC Charlotte asked the nurse why she was so excited to get the vaccine. She had a fairly simple and straightforward answer; she just wants to hold her family again.

“I left my house in March,” said Robin Bremer, a nurse at a local hospital.

Bremer said she stayed in a tent in her backyard, and before that, she slept in the car in her driveway.

“I just turned to my husband and said, ‘I’m going to live in the car for a while,’" Bremer said.

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Bremer has seen the impact of the pandemic firsthand.

“I deal with COVID patients, we have a whole wing for them at the hospital,” said Bremer.

Bremer, who asked WCNC Charlotte not to name her employer, said she watched other families get torn apart by COVID-19.

“It’s really really hard to watch whole families get sick, and then one die, it’s really hard,” said Bremer.

She became concerned for her own family, especially her son who has Type 1 diabetes.

“Getting out of the house and making sure I didn’t give it to him was very important,” said Bremer.

By the time WCNC Charlotte interviewed Bremer, she had bought a trailer where she’s currently been living.

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“I have not touched another human being except patients,” said Bremer. “I haven’t hugged my husband, I haven’t touched or kissed, nothing in 9 months.”

However now, for the first time, she sees a way out. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines could be shipped to the Carolinas within days, and healthcare workers on the frontlines will be the first in line to receive vaccinations. 

WCNC Charlotte asked Bremer what she plans to do about the vaccine for herself.

“I’m going to have the shot, I have told them I want to get right up there,” said Bremer. “I’m hoping the beginning of the line, I’ve told them I’m not hesitant whatsoever to get it.”

Bremer said she’s is not scared of getting COVID-19 for herself.

“I think in the beginning I was really afraid, now I’m just afraid for everyone else,” said Bremer.

For her, getting the vaccine means protecting her family, and being close to them again.

“I’m excited, I’m certainly excited, I want this to end,” said Bremer.

Bremer is not sure how the hospital will prioritize the vaccine among staff, but she’s hoping it will be alphabetical order by last name.

Bremer said she's on the schedule to get the vaccine on Tuesday. 

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