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'I want to hold her' | This new mom gave birth 2 weeks ago and still hasn't been able to hold her baby

Katerin Martinez was 39 weeks pregnant when she tested positive for coronavirus. She made the tough decision to not see her daughter after birth.

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. — A Charlotte-area mom suffering from COVID-19 was forced to give birth and was immediately separated from her baby to keep the child safe. 

It's hard enough getting ready to be a first-time mom. For Katerin Martinez, it was even harder. At 39 weeks pregnant, she tested positive for coronavirus and doctors thought it was best to induce her. 

"There are some studies out of China that show the possibility it can be transmitted from mom to baby," said Nurse Supervisor Brittney Dixon. 

Diana Lou was born healthy at Atrium Health-Lincoln but mom and doctors decided it was best to keep the two apart for at least two weeks. 

"The pediatrician spoke to her about the risks of keeping the baby in the room with her and the mom made a smart choice after delivery to be separated from her baby to reduce the risk of exposure," Dixon said. 

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White in the hospital, Katerin was able to see Diana Lou on a baby monitor but she went home and the baby went to her aunt's house. 

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“When I came home it was horrible I just cried for a day straight. I broke down I was so sad I don’t have my baby," she said. 

This weekend will be two weeks, and hopefully, a chance for mom and baby to finally be together. 

Katerin says the first thing she wants to do is hold her daughter when she sees her. That reunion is expected to happen Sunday.

Two family members are still in the hospital fighting the virus. In fact, one was just taken off the ventilator and both are expected to recover. 

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