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North Carolina travelers banned from visiting certain states

It varies nationwide, but a handful of leaders are telling people from our state to stay away, or requiring a two-week quarantine upon arrival.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The busiest travel weekend of the season is over, but summer vacation isn't over yet, and North Carolinians aren't welcome everywhere. Several places are imposing travel restrictions against folks from our state and others.

Depending on which state you plan on visiting, the rules are different and can be severe. New York's Governor said that non-compliance with 14-day self-quarantine can mean a pretty heavy fine, while other states say it's up to each person to abide by the travel advisory.

States like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and even Hawaii have been asking travelers from certain states to stay away or quarantine upon arrival. 

A map from the state of Connecticut highlights the states where coronavirus metrics are deemed too high. Thus, travel from those states is currently restricted. North Carolina, along with several states in the South and West, are marked in red.

"I think that within the next couple of weeks we are going to see other states follow suit," said Greensboro travel advisor Amy Schwartz. "I think they're looking at states that have higher positive cases. North Carolina, right now, just falls into that demographic."

While some states with the restrictions are threatening enforcement, Schwartz says many leaders are asking for voluntary compliance.

"It's kind of a 'Scout's Honor' that they recommend you do a 14-day quarantine," she explained.

For the last couple of months, Schwartz says she's been more of a cancellation specialist than a travel agent, but recently, bookings have gone up as her clients yearn for a vacation. She's telling them to watch the numbers, and determine how comfortable they are with a rapid change in plans. 

"To help with changes, we make sure that we recommend insurance or a 'cancel for any reason' type of policy because things change so fast and we want to be able to make sure they can get a refund."

That goes for international travel as well, as some countries reopen their borders for vacationers, like Mexico and islands in the Caribbean. Certain places require a negative COVID-19 test, while others simply take your temperature when you land.

But as far as travel to Europe, Schwartz says, don't bank on it.

"I don't see Europe opening up any time soon for the U.S. until our numbers show dramatic improvement," she said.

If you do plan to on traveling internationally, make sure your documentation is up to date. Schwartz reports there's a months-long backlog on processing passports.

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