YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- York County officials brought in crews from Charlotte area to spray for mosquitos.

The safety measures took place after the state health department confirmed a person contracted the West Nile virus in the Fort Mill area.

"It's scary because we play with her a lot outside," said Fort Mill resident Judy Fountaine.

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Crews are scheduled to begin spraying the designated areas 8 p.m. Sunday. Officials tell NBC Charlotte they will be in the Baxter Village between the areas of North Sutton Road and Mills Lane.

Officials told residents in the area to close doors, windows, tip and toss standing water, wear long sleeves and use repellant.

"No nighttime playing now," Fountaine said.

Officials say the West Nile virus is harmless to most, but can cause fever and become fatal in extreme cases. Fewer than one percent of people develop meningitis and the virus cannot be shared from person-to-person.

Dr. Dan Allen, a health professional, said lighter-colored clothes doesn't attract mosquitoes as much as darker clothes.

"Longer sleeves and pants would obviously be a better barrier," Dr. Allen added.

To learn more about protecting your family from mosquitos, visit the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control at www.scdhec.gov.

NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton contributed to this report.