CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates shared a photo Monday of several items they have recently extracted from children’s noses and ears.

Among them: googly eyes, a thumbtack, and money.

“Anything small enough to fit in the nose or ear we've seen it there before,” Dr. Christopher Tebbit with CEENTA said.

“The craziest one I’ve seen, this poor little girl came in, she was four or five years old, and for the last couple years, she's been suffering from really bad breath. Turns out there was some rotting newspaper in the back of her nose. We pulled it out and you could actually see just a little bit of the print of the date, and was two years prior.”

Dr. Tebbit added the consequences can be serious. An 11-year-old Cyprus boy was recently hospitalized after he put magnets in his nose.

With the holidays coming up, specialists are warning parents of young children to avoid toys with small parts and batteries.

“A battery, in particular, can be really serious,” Dr. Tebbit said. “The battery can burn a hole through the septum and cause permanent damage.”

Specialists say monitoring your children is key, and if their symptoms seem strange, it might be worth a second opinion.

A few years ago, doctors uncovered a pin stuck in a 6-year-old South Carolina girl’s nose. Turns out, it had been there for at least five years.

Doctors thought it was just a sinus infection.

Dr. Tebbit says the most common items they find are beads, the most common location is in the ear, and the biggest mistake they see is when parents try to flush the items out. With organic materials especially, water will just make the problem worse.