SPOKANE, Wash. — Parents, do you know what’s in your child’s baby food?

Many common brands contain toxic metals like arsenic, lead and mercury, according to Teresa Kafentzis, a Spokane Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children manager.

She said many brands of baby food have contained metals for several years.

“It’s kind of old news about food contamination,” she said.

Kafentzis said the Food and Drug Administration has not issued any warnings about the food, so she still considers it safe.

“It’s fine, but of course I wouldn’t recommend eating 20 can or so of it a day. Just the normal amounts are fine,” she said.

She said some amount of the metals can come from soil that’s fertilized with pesticides.

“Some parts of the country have more metals in their soil. It also is a thing for why more foods have more,” she said.

But some parents say even that amount is too much.

“There’s that fine line of, ‘Okay, that’s too much,’” said Heidi Zimprich, who started making her own baby food for her children.

Her 4-month-old grandson, Clayton, is next in line to start feeding on the mushed fruits and vegetables.

“We started learning about the process of canned food or that anything like that is processed,” she said. “Having to check every single thing, ‘Is this organic? Is it not organic? And having to read every single label under a microscope is exhausting.”

She said the process takes some commitment but knowing exactly what you are feeding your children is rewarding.

“It’s just so much easier to not have to worry about the processed stuff,” she said.

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