CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The beauty tips and quick fixes your grandmother told you about may not be the best practice after all.

NBC Charlotte spoke to Huntersville dermatologic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Minni Saluja of Saluja Cosmetic and Laser Center to separate fact from fiction when it comes to beauty beliefs.

Over the counter hemorrhoid creams can be a quick fix for under eye puffiness. 

FACT but not worth the risk!: Hemorrhoid creams can slightly and temporarily tighten and smooth the skin under the eyes because it restricts blood vessels however it also contains the topical steroid hydrocortisone – prolonged use of topical steroids can cause the skin where it’s being applied to thin and therefore show increased signs of aging. Additionally, the ingredients in hemorrhoid creams can be harmful if they get into your eyes so it’s just not worth the very slight temporary improvement you might see from applying it under your eyes. It’s better to use treatments specifically designed for the eye area.

Vitamin E will help to fade scars. 

FICTION: Some swear by this treatment but there’s no scientific proof to back it up. The best way to improve the appearance of a scar is with laser treatments – which laser used should be determined in a case by case basis.

Over the counter products are just as effective as medical skin care products you can get through a doctors office. 

FICTION: Medical grade products work more effectively than over the counter products because they contain higher levels of active ingredients. Those higher levels allow the user to see results more quickly than if they were using an over the counter product.