A trip to the lake put a little boy in the hospital. His family says he contracted a flesh-eating infection, and they have a warning for other families.

It happened in late July at Lake Sam Rayburn near Lukfin.

According to family, Layne Custer, 3, spent a day swimming at the lake. Everything seemed fine, but eventually he started getting sores on his body.

His family drove him to a Houston hospital for treatment. That's where they told us doctors diagnosed him with a flesh-eating infection.

"That evening she (his mother) noticed a sore come up on his back area and she said he was complaining of hurting and he started running a fever, by the next morning he was covered in those sore like lesions all over him,” said Samantha Lane, a relative.

According to the Center for Disease Control, flesh eating staph is a painful bacterial skin infection that’s spread quickly and kills the body’s soft tissue. Symptoms include a fever, swelling, loss of tissue and a painful rash.

Layne is taking antibiotics, but is still experiencing some pain. There's a GoFundMe page, friends and family are hoping it will help with medical expenses.