CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- An NBC Charlotte investigation found local doctors offices and MedSpas may not be disclosing the full truth about a very popular medical procedure among women.

Vaginal rejuvenation is an intimate rejuvenation treatment that can be a little uncomfortable to talk about but the FDA says it’s time to move past the awkwardness because they believe it’s actually permanently harming women.

Thousands of women are turning to the popular non-surgical procedure to tighten things up. Some just want to give it a try. Others, like new mothers, are hoping the procedure could relieve the pain and suffering.

But the FDA just came out with some shocking information saying these machines were never approved to be used this way.

The feds sent warning letters to seven companies for illegally promoting their devices for intimate rejuvenation.

In a statement, commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said “We are deeply concerned women are being harmed. The deceptive marketing of a dangerous procedure with no proven benefit…is egregious.”

Some doctors, however, still stand by and continue to administer the treatments.

Several Charlotte offices that continue to offer the procedure said on their website the devices the FDA says are harming women pose “no health risks” and are “safe and pain-free.” One local office even claimed the procedure is FDA approved, an outright lie, according to the federal health officials.

In fact, the FDA says they have confirmed several reports of burns, scarring, and permanent damage.