CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Normally the flu season begins in October,. But after an outbreak at a Mississippi University affected nearly 100 students, health care experts say it's time to get vaccinated now.

"Definitely, now is the time." said Huntersville Pharmacist Nick Vlahos. "It takes two weeks for the flu shot to be fully effective."

Vlahos works for CVS Pharmacy. CVS says even if you wash your hands regularly, you are still at risk for the flu.

"In a recent survey that CVS did, two-thirds of employees reported showing up to work feeling flu-like symptoms." Vlahos said.

"It was terrible." said Stephanie Denchak as she received her flu shot. Denchak recalled having the flu a few years back. "Just feeling very tired and sick for a week straight. Not being able to get out of bed and generally feeling awful."

The Centers for Disease Control says the flu virus killed just over 200 people in North Carolina last year.

The CDC ended the 'flu mist' last year after it was discovered to not be as effective as the shot. So children must get the shot to be protected. People with egg allergies can request an 'egg-free shot.'

The CVS Pharmacy in the Target off Sam Furr Rd is offering a $5 Target gift card to anyone getting a flu shot at that location.