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Hydration clinic opens in Charlotte

While this looks and feels like a day spa, they treat patients like a medical clinic.
Hydrate Medical opens in Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There's a new medical clinic in Dilworth and it's the first of its kind in Charlotte. Hydrate Medical treats dehydration through IV drip.

While this looks and feels like a day spa, they treat patients like a medical clinic.

"This is some basic IV tubing," said founding partner, Dr. Jonathan Leake.

When you think of getting an IV in your arm, this isn't quite the setting you'd normally think of. Welcome to Charlotte's first hydration clinic.

"So we specialize in IV hydration, using IV fluids, and then also using vitamins and basic medications," said Dr. Leake.

At Hydrate Medical they treat dehydration. Yes, it could be caused by overindulging one night but Dr. Leake says that's not their focus, helping athletes and people battling sickness is.

"Right now if you get a viral illness, you have a GI bug , you're dehydrated -- the cost and time it will take you to get better if you need medical care, you're going spend hours of time and thousands of dollars," said Dr. Leake.

All three founding partners, including also Nurse Practicioner Keith Parris and PA Drew Harill have worked together in a medical center for years.

"We're familiar with this, this is what we do. We treat patients with a variety of illness and we thought we could come together and provide a small subsection of what we do and provide it to folks in this area," said Harill.

And it's not just an IV saline drip, they can add medications and more.

"We also give vitamins in the bag, so we can give complex of B vitamins, Vitamin C, and then we also have amino acids and other things we can add based on what you're here for," said Dr Leake.

The clinic says while they've already received lots of calls people wanting treatment even before they open so they're expecting good business.

Right now they have walk in and appointment hours Friday through Monday, and then operate by appointment only during the week.

A treatment will cost you anywhere from $100 to $150.