CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With the click of a mouse, many have found false hope and claims that scientists have discovered a cure for conditions like autism, cancer, HIV and other ailments. 

The FDA is now debunking dangerous allegations of 'Miracle Mineral Solution' in a warning saying, in part, they have received many reports that these products, sold online as treatments have made consumers sick. When following product directions for the 'Miracle Mineral Solution, the mixture becomes a bleaching agent.

"Bleach isn't going to cure autism," Melissa Easton said.

Easton has a little boy who is autistic. 

"I basically joined some autistic led groups," Easton said. "I met some amazing people there that gave me really great advice. But I also met some people that were sharing things that really concerned me."

That's when Easton jumped into action. With the help of another mom, she infiltrated these groups, then took screenshots of posts and reported abusive parents to Child Protective Services.

"They're willing to do things to their children that they shouldn't be doing," Easton said. 

The FDA shared the same sentiment with these empty promises to consumers. 

Product instructions tell people to mix the sodium chloride solution with a citric acid, such as lemon or lime juice, or another acid before drinking. When the acid is added, the mixture becomes chlorine dioxide, which is a powerful bleaching agent.

"Until action is taken to get this product off of the market and to arrest those and charge those who are using and selling those products then I'm going to continue to do it," Easton said.