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Local pharmacist, mom writes teen book on prescription drug abuse

"If You Give an Ox an Oxy" expands on the concept of the literary classic, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

WINGATE, N.C. — A Charlotte-area pharmacist and mother has published a book to teach adolescents about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Dr. Laura Happe wrote "If You Give an Ox an Oxy" after she unsuccessfully tried to find a book to give to her children about the risks of prescription drug abuse.

"When you talk to an adolescent child about a complex topic like this, and you use a book like this, it really gives the child a sense of ownership," Dr. Happe said.

Dr. Happe was inspired by the popular children's book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," which illustrates to children the concept of decisions that lead down a "slippery slope."

Her book is targeted for teen audiences, but she said adults have enjoyed it as well.

The federal government cites prescription drug abuse as the fastest-growing drug problem in the country.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and MetLife Foundation found in 2013, only 16 percent of teens talked with their parents about prescription drug abuse.

As a pharmacist and a mother, Dr. Happe hopes her book will encourage more families to talk about the opioid crisis.

"If everyone just tackles one aspect of the opioid crisis that's within their domain professionally or personally, we can make big [a] change," Dr. Happe said.

For more information on the book, click here.