HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – A different form of therapy is gaining popularity in Huntersville.

It’s called floatation chamber therapy.

Studies show, the chamber therapy calms anxiety, lowers blood pressure, sparks creativity and increases focus.

The practice is being praised as the latest must-have for mothers.

Buoyance Floatation Center and Spa on Northcross Drive in Huntersville is giving local marketing executive Pamela Palacios a new level of peace as she preps for baby number two.

“It was wonderful,” Palacios said. “It was just easy to float you just tilt back a little bit and your weight kind of rises up I think the sensation was very relaxing.”

Here’s how it works: after a quick shower, you enter either an enclosed pod or an open tank.

For one hour, you’re surrounded in warmth, water and total darkness.

Cecil Roebuck’s been floating for 30 years. He’s such a believer that he opened up a business in the form of Buoyance.

“It takes you mentally away, physically away and spiritually away,” Roebuck said. “It takes all the pressure away from your joints, bones, tendons, ligaments and all of that leaves you so you’re floating just like the water floats.”

“While it may look deep, it’s actually just 10 to 12 inches of water and 1200 pounds of magnesium sulfate, which is salt and it’s the salt that keeps floaters on the surface of the water, even if they fall fast asleep,” Roebuck added.

And speaking of sleep, experts claim one hour of floating equals four hours of meditative sleep.

“For people that have children or having their first child… it’s a lot of stress,” Roebuck said. “This thing takes that stress out of your world for at least an hour.”

That’s a valid-enough reason for Palacios.

“I’m excited to see what the possibilities could be for my husband to try it,” Palacios said.