CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Americans spent $15 billion last year on cosmetic procedures according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Now, at-home anti-aging devices are gaining popularity with many options retailing for less than $200; but do they work?

To find out, NBC Charlotte spoke with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Capizzi of Capizzi M.D. in Dilworth.

"There's really no benefit to those devices," said Dr. Capizzi.

Dr. Capizzi, a double-board certified surgeon said there's no comparison between at-home treatments and procedures done at a doctor’s office.

"The professional lasers, the lasers that are built to treat conditions on your skin will be the better route to go and ultimately will also be more efficacious and will work," Dr. Capizzi said. "You'll see the result."

However, laser treatments, peels and resurfacing can only do so much.

"If you have deep wrinkles, even in a doctor’s office there's really no five-minute treatment that's going to wipe away 40 years of sun damage," Dr. Capizzi said.

Dr. Capizzi said while medical grade laser treatments will improve the texture, tone and overall look of the skin, Botox injections remain the best weapon in the fight against the signs of aging.

"The medication itself prevents the muscle from contracting,' he said. "If you're preventing your skin from getting folded, you are not going to see that wrinkle and it will diminish over time."

The Mayo Clinic trained surgeon said Botox is beneficial for both younger patients as a preventative measure, as well as older patients wanting to reverse the signs of aging.

"We don't have anything as universal as Botox. That's the mainstay. That's the go-to," Dr. Capizzi said. "That's the holy grail."