CHARLOTTE, N.C. — More than 200 people were vaccinated Friday after another case of hepatitis A exposure in Charlotte.

The rush for shots came after the health department announced Thursday a worker who handled food at Village Tavern in SouthPark had the virus.

Health officials said the only people who need to be vaccinated are the ones who ate at the restaurant on October 30. But NBC Charlotte talked to some people at the health department who went to Village Tavern after that date and said they weren’t taking any chances.

“I did not want to have hepatitis because I ate at Village Tavern on November 2,” said Christina Kaliner.

The health department is offering free vaccinations for anyone potentially exposed on October 30.

“We’re working with the restaurant to try to determine how many were seen on that day, right now it looks like somewhere in the 150 individual range,” said Gibbie Harris, Mecklenburg County health director.

October 30 is the only day the employee was at the restaurant while infected, according to health officials. However, some are wondering if surfaces, silverware, or even food could be contaminated days later.

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“I was just a little concerned because I am diabetic and I don't want to take any chances,” said Nishie Petty, who was at Village Tavern on November 2.

“I thought whoever it was could have prepared food, left food, gone home and I ate that food,” said Kaliner. “I came to get see if I needed to get a shot, but they said I did not need to get a shot.”

Health officials said North Carolina food code requires food contact surfaces to be cleaned and sanitized frequently and when contaminated. They said, based on the worker’s role at the restaurant, the items used by the person were cleaned and sanitized on October 30.

“If I come down with something, they'll certainly hear about it,” Kaliner told NBC Charlotte.

A total of 239 people have been vaccinated so far. Health officials said people need to get the vaccination by Tuesday for it to be effective.

Back in June, hundreds of customers who ate at a local Hardee's had to get a hepatitis A shots after an outbreak was discovered there.

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