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Move your bump: How to work out while you're pregnant

"You gotta listen to your body, just pay attention and make sure you feel good with that," said Emily Breeze, Charlotte's CrossFit queen.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you're expecting, and you already have kids at home, you know how hard it is to keep up with your workouts.

To get some expert advice on the subject, NBC Charlotte's Sarah French, who's expecting her second child, went straight to Charlotte's CrossFit queen, Emily Breeze.

Breeze, who's also pregnant with baby number two, is no stranger to working out with child. Videos of her exercising while pregnant with her first child went viral. Now she's at it again.

"You gotta listen to your body, just pay attention and make sure you feel good with that," said Breeze.

The CrossFit competitor showed French around the gym, starting with some simple ring pulls.

"I would say, like, right in here would probably be good just look straight up and pull to the armpit," Breeze explained.

So how many reps should you do?

"That's going to vary, but maybe three sets of ten like this is going to be a great exercise to continue to build that strength in our arms," Breeze said.

Deadlifts and boxjumps are a breeze for Breeze, but we wondered what she might suggest for the average mom.

"So one of my favorite things especially while pregnant is squatting. So this could be simple air squats or with weights. You have a five pound, and I have a 25 pound plate, and if you're at home, you could use laundry detergent or a book," said Breeze."The deeper we go, the more engaged we are to different muscle groups,"

Of course, you can't forget the cardio. Stairsteppers are great for that.

"So it's about 12 in off the ground, and you're just going to alternate stepping just like you would walking up stairs in your house, or if you're at the mall or a public place," said Breeze. "The faster you're able to do this, the more your heart rate will go up. Or if you're comfortable you could try a jump," Breeze said.

Remember, Breeze is a CrossFit competitor. She said the important thing is just to stay active and move your bump. And if you have other kids, get them involved.

"I love this one, too, we're using our legs, we're getting low, look at the kids they love it. It's almost like a ride. And we're getting this crazy workout. Do you feel your legs? I do!"

As the kids played, French asked Breeze about the number one question she gets from her fans.

"How do you do it? How do you work, how do you keep up with your kids and family, and honestly I'm just incorporating all of my people into my lifestyle, so my little son he definitely works out with me, my husband, you know, and we do things at home."

Always consult with your doctor before beginning any new workout routine. Click here for more information on Breeze's workouts.

Tune in to NBC Charlotte at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday for French's gender reveal.

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