CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is urging everyone to be aware of the dangers ticks can pose to people.

This comes as the weather is forecasted to be near perfect this weekend and many families across the Carolinas will venture outside for fun activities. The State is reporting that ini 2015, tick and mosquito-borne infections affected 790 people, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Lyme disease.

The State has these helpful tips:

  • Be aware that ticks live in wooded, grassy, or brushy areas.
  • Use tick repellent that contains DEET on exposed skin.
  • Remove a tick by grasping it with tweezers as close as possible to your skin and apply a steady gentle pull until it releases.

"So when they come inside at night do a skin check and check them from head to toe and check their hair," said Pediatrician Dr. Erin Washburn with Novant Health. "Ticks like to get kids in the head, especially if someone has dark hair like mine they may not see it."

Dr. Washburn encourages parents to get outside and enjoy it, keeping in mind a tick must bite its victim for six hours or more before it posses any danger.

"We're cautious because we're outside all the time." said mother Natalie Stahl, taking her Golden Retriever and baby for a walk around Freedom Park Friday. "Well, I definitely think you have to be aware of it. Especially these days you have to be aware of anything but especially the ticks."