ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. -- The National Weather Service issued a warning for anyone at the Carolina coast because of jellyfish attacks.

The sea creatures are stinging swimmers and forcing hundreds off the beach.

The warning applies to both North and South Carolina and will remain in effect through at least Monday night.

There have been hundreds of reports of stings from both jellyfish and the Portuguese man-of-war, which look very similar to jellyfish but inflict a much more painful sting.

Over the weekend on the Isle of Palms, more than 300 stings were reported.

The man-of-war attacks were so bad on Folly Beach, authorities flew a purple flag, which means there is hazardous marine life.

Lifeguards even closed a portion of the beach Friday right in front of the Tides Hotel because of the high number of reported stings.

Biologists from the South Carolina Aquarium say this is all because of strong winds in the Atlantic that push the creatures closer to the coast.

The warning from the National Weather Service affects Horry and Georgetown counties in South Carolina, which includes Myrtle Beach.

In North Carolina, Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender County are all included in the warning issued by the National Weather Service.

Experts say if you get stung, rub vinegar on the area to limit the irritation and apply a heating pad.