SALISBURY, N.C. - The opioid epidemic is out of control and new numbers show just how prevalent the drug problem is in today's society.

According to the President's commission on the opioid crisis, there are 147 deaths related to opioids every day.

Think about that statistic this way: That's like the September 11 terror attacks happening every three weeks.

Closer to home, we're learning one of the hardest hit areas in the Carolinas, is in our backyard.

Rowan County and specifically, Salisbury, has seen an incredible uptick in drug overdoses.

Through January to July of 2016, there were 28 responses to drug overdoses in Salisbury.

Fast forward one year later, examining the same seven months, and Salisbury PD says that number has nearly doubled with 58 responses to drug overdoses.

Hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine are some of the more popular opioids, but heroin has made it's way into Rowan County and it's entrance has led to fatal exits.

"We are seeing in the Salisbury police department, double the calls related to drug overdoses compared to last year," said Salisbury Police Chief, Jerry Stokes.

Stokes added that his force has siezed 3.2 ounces of Heroin this year, more than six times the amount, .5 ounces, they seized through the first seven months of 2016.

"It almost happens daily, sometimes several times a day that we will respond to overdoses," said Stokes.

The reason for the uptick he says is because of a heroin batch mixed with Fentanyl, a deadly opioid which carries a street name 'grey death.'